Ted Wright

Executive Director - Cross Examined
Adjunct Professor - New Life Theological Seminary and Southern Evangelical Seminary

Ted W. Wright is the Executive Director of CrossExamined.org. Ted’s areas of specialty include archaeology and the Bible as well as apologetics, paleontology, geology and philosophy. Ted earned his undergraduate degree from the Cobb Institute of Archaeology at Mississippi State University and a Master's degree in Apologetics at Southern Evangelical Seminary. In addition to teaching at Southern Evangelical Bible College and New Life Theological Seminary, Ted speaks on college campuses and churches all over the world with the eye-opening presentation, Digging for the Truth: The Bible and Archaeology. He has appeared on numerous radio and TV programs. Most recently, he represents the Christian position on History Channel’s most ambitious TV series to date: Mankind: The Story of all of Us.  Ted has served as a research assistant at the Cobb Institute of Archaeology where he helped research and curate artifacts from Southern Israel, and he has personally investigated the Grand Canyon for geological evidence of a great flood.


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BREAKOUT #1 (SATURDAY): Did the Israelite Conquest Really Happen?  A Brief Overview of the Archaeology of Jericho & Ai

BREAKOUT #2 (SATURDAY):  An Overview of the Archaeological and Historical Reliability of the New Testament


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